Storage and fulfilment

CEL have warehouse and office space and great shipping rates to share

We started like you

Now we have a lot to share that can make your business easier and more profitable.

Back in 2009 it was time for CEL to move out of Chris' garage and into a real office. We needed more space, more phone lines and proper business broadband. For our first move we went to a serviced office and used a warehouse storage service for our stock. At the time we really struggled to find a warehouse service which could also provide pick and pack fulfilment services. Eventually we found someone and started to use them but it was far from ideal, they were big with a lot of customers and other stock, we were small with stock which was precious to us but not to them.

Expanding business

After a few months we moved to our own warehouse with office space on Harbour Road Trading Estate in Portishead and started to do our own fulfilment.

Costs dropped, order accuracy and stock control was greatly improved and we were able to improve service to customers and reduce admin time. As our order numbers grew our shipping costs dropped, suddenly we had couriers knocking on the door offering the lowest rates for UK and International shipping. DHL, DPD and TNT, UPS, Parcelforce, Hermes and Royal Mail all coming to us to try and get our business, larger shipments and pallet orders go out regularly through Sureway and Palletforce and shipping containers are delivered and unloaded regularly.

More growth!

New projects attracted more staff and larger orders and stock requirements meant we had to upsize our operation and move to a larger space. Now here we are, just around the corner in Harbourmead near the Portishead Harbour. Our warehouse is more than we need so space is flexible and we have a huge office. We have very friendly and efficient warehouse and admin teams who ship our orders all over the world using a range of courier and logistics services.

Now that we are settled in we realised that we can offer our skills excellent courier and logistics rates and our excess warehouse space to others in similar situations. We are a small local company and would love to have similar small local companies or those further away who need a local base come and use us as a service or even share our office space.

Friendly, flexible, simple

What can we do for you?

  • We ship electronic goods all over the world via daily courier and Royal Mail collections and via pallets to other warehouses and retailers.
  • We receive parcels up to container size into our warehouse and can send and receive pallet deliveries as well. We can help to smooth shipping of any size order from anywhere in the world and provide advice on the best methods to suit your business.
  • We deal on a daily basis with Amazon Vendor Central and Amazon Marketplace along with Amazon warehousing and distribution centres and know all their systems and how to get the most from them. We have a lot of experience shipping to shopping channels such as Ideal World and QVC and can help you to grow from Ebay marketplace sales to your own website and beyond.
  • When customers place an order they receive tracking details and can easily communicate to ensure they are happy with their order. Returns happen and the stock control of this is easy for us to manage.
  • We can offer friendly and flexible services for all shipping in and out of the UK and EU and everywhere in between.
  • Great rates for pick and pack and fulfilment services including packaging and rework facilities.
  • Flexible and secure storage with excellent access.
  • Logistics for larger shipments and global transportation.
  • We have plenty of parking and even a large locked outdoor area for really big stuff.
  • If required we can provide flexible office space with telephone and broadband.

The word flexible is repeated a lot.

That is because we are flexible, we are a small business who want to share our experience and make the most of our space and the excellent rates we have built up since we started our business.

Come and have a coffee, meet the team and see what we are all about.

Please contact us:
01275 846 459

Our warehouse is here:

Unit 3 Harbourmead
Harbour Road Trading Estate
BS20 7AY